What Our Clients Think

I became a client of Simon Cook of Intelligent investments in 2012 after many issues with my previous financial investment company had placed me in a difficult financial position.

The team at Intelligent investments reviewed my situation and offered options and proposals to improve the portfolios that I held. These proposals were always clearly explained, the negative and the positive aspects were discussed and I was supplied with all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

My experience of dealing with non UK financial services companies has shown me that great care needs to be taken when selecting a financial advisor but the experience I had with Mr Cook and Intelligent investments has been very positive.

March 25, 2015, John B.     Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

I first met Julius in September 2008. However, due to a busy work travel schedule, it was not until the end of that year I was able to proceed with his recommendations. This was in contrast to others who I had met over the years, who wanted to sell financial products than provide advice.

Since then, Julius has provided my wife and I with professional, ongoing, independent advice for all areas of our personal finances, including tax planning, life cover, and investments.

Julius has provided us with thoroughly researched and personally tailored solutions, taking care to explain all recommendations and to ensure ongoing monitoring of services. His open disclosure of all fees and charges demonstrates how his advice puts the client’s interests first. He provides monthly updates for our investments, regular reviews, and is available to meet when required. Julius’ level of market knowledge is also evident in his regular and informative market updates.

1 June 2015, Mark N.,   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Simon is very customer focused with great advice and willing to back it up with action and follow up. When there was an administrative error with a major financial company, I didn’t need to do a thing Simon got it all sorted out rapidly.
Following his advice I was on track to make great returns then the global financial crisis hit. Despite the deepest crisis since the depression I still made money.

Additionally Simon is open to clients’ suggestions and works well merging his advice with one’s own financial theories / preferences with no ego getting in the way. The only reason Simon doesn’t work for me now is I moved out of his area of license or I’d still have him working for me, if I move back to Malaysia I will hire him again.

I almost ticked great results as he does deliver, but only allowed 3 aspects and of those integrity just beats great results as does “personable” he’s very approachable and easy to talk to. I’d trust Simon a very long way.

September 23, 2011, Ian J.    Miri, Sarawak.


I have had the pleasure of working with Julius Davison for several years now. We first met back in late 2008 when he made a cursory call to see if I was interested in using his investment services whilst I was stationed overseas in Kuala Lumpur. Due to having had a couple of bad experiences with this kind of service, I was wary of engaging with him and so, it wasn’t until January 2010 after several meetings that I made a commitment to go with Julius.

After 5 years of using Julius and Intelligent Investments I can say that he is an extremely conscientious and committed person. He is completely trust worthy, diligent and has my best interests at heart. He is extremely knowledgeable about world markets, investment platforms and is constantly monitoring them and keeps me informed on a regular basis on what is happening with suggestions for re balancing if necessary. He is not pushy and is more than willing to discuss and compromise on investment strategies.

Anyone choosing to use Julius should have peace of mind in knowing that he will always be working for the betterment of you and your financial position and that you couldn’t have a better person in your investment corner.

I am more than happy to give references or to take a personal call if required.

15 January 2015, Dave B.,           Texas, USA.

Simon first took on the challenge of taking my underperforming portfolio and turning it around – giving it precisely the attention and thought that you’d expect from a professional, and totally the opposite of the neglect and ignorance I had previously received from earlier so called advisors.

Simon’s approach is one of the long term – ensuring he matches investment styles to your aims, whilst avoiding those inflexible commission rich, long term savings plans that are the wont on those on a quick sell – getting thier commision upfront and never to be seen again. Simon’s tack is the opposite – you are building an investment partnership, where you get monthly valuations and advice for fund swaps as well as alerts for new opportunities either for top ups or for switches.

If you’re one of the many who’ve been burnt before with poor upfront advice and hard sell tactics, then Simon’s amiciable but business efficient approach will be very welcome, as will his guidance and advice to helping grow your nest egg.

September 21, 2011, Steve F.    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Having previously suffered with IFA’s more interested in selling financial products which didn’t necessarily meet my needs it was a refreshing change to meet Julius Davison.

In the +3 years of providing me with financial investment advice Julius has demonstrated a proactive approach which has already put me in a much stronger position.

Julius is able to demonstrate a detailed market knowledge which results in advice and suggestions that are sensible, sound and appropriate to my circumstances, in addition regular contact and updates ensure a professional level of customer service.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Julius to those seeking trusted financial support services which are tailored to their needs.

11 February 2014, Ian J.,            Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Simon has been invaluable help in managing my retirement funds. He is constantly keeping an eye out for new lucrative investments and with monthly revisions makes sure there is no “dead wood”. I highly recommend him and feel that he places my interest before his commissions.

September 21, 2011, Peter C.    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 



At the end of October 2013 the 5 year investment plan that we commenced back in 2008 has come of age. The performance of the plan has met my expectations and attained an overall return of 18.66% – considering that one may struggle to get a bank to pay more than 0.5%, this is a very healthy return. As the plan was set up with the intention of purchasing property after the 5 years, I have met and exceeded my goals and am looking to invest in “bricks and mortar” now.

Over the last five years it has been a pleasure dealing with you during our regular meetings. As I travel a fair bit I cannot always commit to frequent meetings, however you really managed to space them out just right. I also felt confident that you were also monitoring the markets and would always advise me by e-mail on predicted concerns that you had or courses of action you wished to advise / recommend me of.

In short a job very well done in a friendly and professional manner. As discussed I will look to use you again in the future for similar short term investments, when the dust has settled on my property investments. Keep up the great work and stay in touch.


1 November 2013, John F.,          Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Julius Davison is totally dedicated to providing the very best service and advice in all aspects of the financial industry, and has proven time and time again to go well beyond the expected service of a typical financial advisor.

His investment suggestions have always been sensible and fair and he demonstrates a very astute knowledge of investment and financial planning. He has consistently offered sound and appropriate financial advice and always considers our circumstances and attitude towards risk.

He has also improved on investments that we had held for a number of years before being fortunate enough to meet Julius. It is a refreshing change to deal with someone not motivated by selling financial products that donʼt necessarily meet our needs.

He is always available to give advice or act as a sounding board. He has a very professional approach to his work and is highly efficient. Even in an economically challenging climate, Julius is driven by a desire to serve our best interests and maximise our assets.

All in all, he provides an excellent financial support service. We feel that he is someone we can completely trust, and therefore have no problem in recommending him to any friends or colleagues

19 March 2012, Clare T.,      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Should you wish to verify any of these references please contact us for contact details.