Specialist Financial Planning Solutions for Businesses and Business Owners

As a successful business owner, you have a detailed understanding of what is required to make your business succeed. However, in our experience, business owners tend to focus their time and enerSmall Businessgies on their business, sometimes at the expense of their personal needs and requirements.
As a financial planning firm that specialises in helping businesses as well as business owners in an individual capacity, we believe we are ideally placed to help you to achieve your business, financial and lifestyle objectives. As part of this process we will work closely with your existing professional advisers ensuring you make the most of your business assets. To explore what this means for you we will ask you three key questions:

  • Question 1: Have you placed a value on financial independence?
  • Question 2: Is your business an occupation or a source of private wealth?
  • Question 3: Can your business create sufficient wealth to provide you and your family with financial independence?

Business workflow 2

Our range of business solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Clear advice on all commercial insurance such as fire, public and health liability, life, health accident and medical, marine etc.
  • Employee benefits, group health life and medical and employee savings and retirement schemes where applicable.
  • Access to specialist legal and tax advisers should you need guidance local or international company incorporation and set up.
  • Market leading international investment solutions, with tech enabled portfolio management.
  • Advice on MM2H and repatriation in conjunction with exit strategy planning if you area a non-Malaysian business owner.

Contact to us today in confidence and with no obligation to explore how we can assist you and your business.




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