Portfolio management

Avoiding mistakes is as important as getting it right.  Wealth destruction is often a function of unwarranted conviction, big bets and overly-concentrated portfolios which lead to capital losses that are difficult to recoup without further increasing risk profile.

Risk-adjusted performance involves not only garnering insights through research, but also applying continual sound judgement.

At Intelligent Investments, we believe in using asset managers that apply the following principles:

  • in a risk-based approach that emphasises the efficiency of your portfolio
  • that, over time, strategic asset allocation will beat market timing
  • risk-motivated tactical tilts make sense, but betting the farm defies the evidence
  • portfolio construction involves rigorous financial engineering
  • that accommodating client preferences in portfolio construction enhances composure and ensures long term satisfaction
  • disciplined rebalancing captures “reversion to the mean” and helps preserve the portfolio risk level

Wherever possible Intelligent Investments use well qualified third party DFM’s (Descretionary Fund Managers) to manage the bulk of clients money.  We firmly believe in utilising the best options that are available for a client and that this cannot be achieved in house.

We feel that as a small company we are best alligned to provide clients with the best advice as:

  • We are not trying to do it in house with a limited budget, capabilities or to populate any specific investment.
  • We aren’t tied to anyone provider so we are free to source the best options available in the market place and we are able to constantly review these decisions.

To find out how we can better assist you to manage your money  to meet your aims and risk/ return profile please complete your details below for further information: