Life Insurance

Most of us aren’t in a position where our dependants would be financially dependant should an accident occur.  Intelligent Investments offer a full range of Life, Critical Illness, Accident and Income Protection Plans.

There are many types of life cover available and it can be overwhelming to the uninitiated.  We will guide you through the different options for cover to suit your needs.  We recive many excuses from clients as to why they don’t want cover:

  • It’s too expensive.  The most important thing is to keep life cover within your means.
  • I’m going to loose weight.  If you loose weight we can always requote you to either reduce your premium or increase your level of cover
  • I’m going to stop smoking.  Unless you have stopped smoking for over 12 months most insurers will class you as a smoker.  Should you give up we can always requote you.
  • Nothing will ever happen to me.  Everyone always thinks this…
  • My family will be fine and my wife can go out to work.  For the level of expense required is this really the best option for your families future.

We offer the following options for life cover:

  • Whole of life with investment
  • Whole of Life cover
  • Whole of Life / T100
  • Term Insurance
  • Annually Renewable term insurance

Please complete you details below and one of our advisers will be in touch with you to discuss your needs and the options that are available to you in more detail.