How is your adviser being remunerated?

Free advice..PNG

There is no such thing as free advice.

Most offshore advisers will say their advice is ‘free’ as you pay them nothing as the product provider pays them, reclaiming it through an extra admin fee. Benefiting your investment ‘because all your money is invested with additional allocation from day 1’.

However, what they don’t tell you is that if you want your money early, you will have a big surrender penalty. Most offshore advisers will take the full commission available (7-8%), which can impose the most heinous charges on your investment or pension for its lifetime (not just for 5-8 years as clients are often told).

At Intelligent Investments, we conduct ourselves as if in a developed market, such as the UK, where commission based financial advice is banned and provide clients with an explicit declaration of fees, and how we are remunerated.

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