How are you being paid?

This should be the first question you ask your an advisor; either existing or new. 

We are always coming across numerous cases of misselling from commission hughry financial advisors.  This has happened around the world and only recently have some regulators started to crack down on commission based sales.

Are you being recommended a Portfolio Bond for your investment?

  • Whilst a portfolio bond is an excellent tax planning tool for clients who intend to return to the UK they are often being sold simply to generate commissions that are paid for over an establishment period with clients remaining unaware that their advisor may have earned thousands of pound in commission.
  • Your advisor may be earning up to 12% in initial commission from the product provider and the underlying funds whilst you remain unaware.
  • Do you have a QROPS or SIPP pension with a portfolio bond as an underlying investment vehicle?  Ask your advisor why as there are no benefits to you as a client.
Are you wanting to save regularly?
  • Why are you being recommended a term based savings plan?  Ask why.
    • Is it to fund a huge upfront indemnified sales commission that reduces your return and locks your capital in?
    • Why are you being penalised for having the flexibility to stop and start; reduce or increase your investment?
    • Why cant you access your capital at any time without penalty?
If you think that you aren’t being told the full story please contact us.  We guarantee that we can offer you more cost effective and transparent solutions that offers you full flexibility and access to your money without penalty.
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