Health Insurance

We provide transparent information and personalised recommendations on a full range of international health solutions from leading global and local providers to ensure you or your organisation find the best possible plan to suit your needs and budget.Medical insurers

Ensuring access to quality healthcare is essential for people who are living or working abroad.  Health insurance plans from local and global providers can vary greatly in the coverage offered, the terms for making claims and the levels of deductible and premiums payable meaning that choices can be pretty daunting.

Medical costs are increasing around the world at a faster pace than the cost of living. If something were to happen having a plan that covers most contingencies is vital. As an expat heath insurance is the most important insurance to buy.

Why do I need Health Insurance?

  • Choice  You can choose the specialist you wish to see at your preferred hospital or medical facility. This is particularly important if where you are based doesn’t have the medical expertise or you don’t trust the standard of care.
  • Risk Mitigation  The right plan will ensure that you can afford access to the best treatment and medical facilities. Treatment costs can run into many thousands very quickly so unless you have access to vast financial reserves its best to transfer the financial risk to an insurer and benefit from having all payments handled directly between the insurer and the medical facility.
  • Peace of Mind  Hopefully nothing too serious will happen but living away from home can bring with it a host of potential illnesses and issues that you wouldn’t face in your home country:
    • Even a cut in a hot country can develop into a serious infection.
    • Mosquitos and other biting insects can pose a real risk of Dengue, Malaria and other tropical diseases.
    • Air Pollution can trigger respiratory illnesses and allergies.
    • Accidents – Factors that are out of your control like road traffic accidents in developing countries are important to bear in mind.
  • Personal Comfort Using local facilities if you need medical attention can mean that treatment is more affordable but the standards of facilities vary a great deal in regards to cleanliness and how up to date their medical and diagnostic equipment is. Taking out private health insurance will address this issue and provide you with a private or semi private room.

Intelligent Investments can help you to narrow down the field of choices to make sure that you can find the right insurance solution to suit your or your organisations needs at the best possible price.

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