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People like you turn to Intelligent Investments when:

  • seeking flexible and transparent investment and insurance solutions.
  • wanting professional, qualified, independent advice to simplify their finances, rather than having it complicated with jargon, hidden charges, and redemption penalties
  • frustrated by the lack of contact or ongoing portfolio management by their existing adviser or bank
  • seeking straightforward risk based portfolio management

Are you…

…not making the returns you wanted and don’t have a clearly documented financial plan?

…frustrated by the lack of contact and service from your existing IFA?

…holding your investment or pension with offshore insurance companies in the Isle of Man or Guernsey but don’t fully understand the reasons or the costs?

…using a commission based adviser or IFA and you are unsure how they are being remunerated?

Intelligent Investments is a leading, independent, international, wealth management and tax planning consultancy that offers clear and transparent solutions.

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